About Author Gregory Shultz

Gregory Shultz authored the novel Return To Middle C, which is available in electronic book format from Amazon.com (Kindle eBook) and from BN.com (Barnes & Noble Nook Book). Amazon and Barnes & Noble also sell this title in paperback. In fact, just about any book store can order it for you.

The Return To Middle C Blurb

A famous rock musician's son has been missing for six years. Ben Davenport now resides in Orlando, Florida, the city where he last saw his then five-year-old child. Having lost all hope of ever finding him following a four-year global search, Ben has lived in seclusion for the past two years. But a beautiful and fiery young lady has moved into the only other house in his cul-de-sac. Delora Calatrava doesn't know who Ben really is, but she is soon able to discern that he long ago lost everything important to him. Whatever he's lost, Delora is determined to help him get it back. Return To Middle C is a story about the power of love, hope, and unwavering faith.